Psychologist and Evaluator
San Francisco, CA
Phone: (415) 577 - 4750


Allison Waterworth

Welcome to my website! As a licensed psychologist I specialize in identifying and treating ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disorders, women’s issues. and relationships problems.  If you have taken the time to search for this page you are probably hoping to find some information, relief, and help, for problems that you, or your loved ones, are experiencing. These problems may be with school, work, relationships, or emotions.

The good news is that many problems are highly responsive to the right kind of intervention. For example, researchers in psychology have been able to identify factors which make a marriage succeed or fail, factors which impede learning in a traditional school setting, and specific strategies to treat chronic worry and depression.

The process of coming in for psychological and/or educational intervention (learning disabilities testing) is almost always stress relieving and validating. Do not let the stigma of ‘seeing a psychologist,’ or the tendency to procrastinate, keep you from contacting me, or another mental health provider, today. Please use my website to clarify your needs and questions. I provide a range of therapeutic and educational services, and if I cannot provide what you need, I can refer you to someone who does.

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