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Pilot Psychological / Neuropsychological Evaluations

Pilots, ATC’s (Air Traffic Control) and pilot candidates may be required to obtain a psychological and/or neuropsychological assessment as part of their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certification.


I can provide such testing including the CogScreen assessment if required. The purpose of testing is to evaluate for potential neurocognitive or psychological deficits that may interfere with flight performance or flight training.

Testing involves face-to-face assessment of cognitive functioning, attention and concentration, processing speed, executive functions, and personality functioning. Computer-based assessment is often part of the assessment. In addition, the candidate will complete self-reporting behavioral inventories assessing psychological functioning. Candidates should expect to spend approximately 4-6 hours in the testing process.



In some cases, the candidate may also be required by the FAA to obtain a urinalyses on the same day as the testing. Call or email directly to discuss your specific situation.

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